Everyday after work join The Ride with Radiance. She promises to get you home safe and sound to the ones you love starting at 4pm. So mellow out and forget the problems at work from the boss that made you upset or even the co-worker that was on your last nerves. Let her take you mind to your favorite paradise.

You can also Catch Radiance every Sunday at 8pm live in The Cafe where she and other spoken word artist will speak from their to touch yours. While playing the music that set the mood of love, and trust.

Radiance hails from Memphis TN with a strong background in radio, marketing,and communications. She has always been that go to person to host a party, bring awareness to important issues. She is that journalist that brings the truth but she brings it with love. Radiance has traveled the world to home her craft and she is here to share it with her.

So catch her daily at 4 with The Ride and every Sunday in The Cafe

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