Chanel Mickel


Whitney Chanel Mickel is an energetic, enthusiastic, motivated 24 year old born and raised in Mannheim Germany. A Unique Woman Biracial Mixed with German, African American & Czechoslovakian as well as multilingual in German, English and some Spanish. Whitney is very spontaneous, creative and quick to learn, she exceeds in anything she sets her mind to.

Chanel developed a deep passion for Acting and Music and at a young age.
At the age of 22 Chanel movedto Germany for work, where opportunities for modeling arose, through which she was suggested to enter the 2011 Harley Davidson Beauty Pageant.

Competing against European Models from all over Chanel won 2nd place, and was approached by a Judge who was also a Manager for a Modeling Agency. Not even a week after the pageant Whitney was placed in a fashion show with photo shoots every weekend.

Due to her modeling success she has consider broadening her horizons and trying new things. That is why you can hear her Voice as your Weekend Empeoress. Right here on Global RnB

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