Carither Brandford

Late Morning Grooves

Late Morning Grooves 

The host of Late Morning Groove, known as Carither Brandford to her new listeners can be heard from 10 o’clock a.m. until 12 o’clock p.m. Wednesday through Friday on

Carither is new  to radio broadcast but she is no stranger to thought invoking conversations. The biography of Carither Brandford, internet radio host, started in the small town of Warm Spings, GA where she attended elementary school until the 3rd grade. At that time she relocated to Austell, GA. While living in Austell she continued her education and in 2005 she graduated from South Cobb High School.
During her early years Carither found that she had a pure love for music. A most particular love for R&B. A seed that was planted early on by her late Grandmother Jewel Howard, who was a true R&B lover at heart. Her love developed into many other avenues such as singing, dancing, and playing the violin. None of these satisfied her hunger to express her love for R&B. Being talented in many areas Carither soon discovered that she had an amazing ability to talk and people would listen.
Most recently Carither has combined her voice and love of music to become the new radio personality on GlobalRNB. Carither is a devoted Christian, mother, and event planner. Her show ” Late Morning Grooves” is a well balanced mixture of conversation, inspirational thoughts, and R&B music. Each show Carither opens her heart, listens, sympathizes, encourages, and challenges her listeners. Believing that music allows people from all walks of life to bond in a way that nothing else can compare and knowing that uplifting her fellow man through the love of music can heal the heart is her motivation to begin this journey.


  1. Cassandra Ellison

    Congrats To U On Ur First Show I Will Be Tunin In To The Next Show.

  2. courtney mullins

    go head friend

  3. Congrats bestie

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