Global Rnb is dedicated to providing the BEST music , that you can enjoy from your office desktop, to the comfort of your phone . We promise you Hits from 70s -2000s. We even have up coming artist .

Global Rnb you will hear songs you have not heard since before when, music that is design to make you reminisce of times of yester-years.

With Global Rnb you will hear little to no Hip Hop, and we aim to play RnB with little foul language as possible. We look forward to hearing as much feedback as possible from our listeners to meet your Rnb pleasure.


  1. We are happy to support and love everything this stations stands for. The epitome of Basically Everything You Underestimated….. Beyund Everything You Underestimate. Keep it up and we’ll stay tuned!

  2. Congratulations twins for bossing up! Proud of all you guys accomplishments to have have the courage to go follow your dreams. You guys are definitely motivation to follow my own dreams & make it happen. Keep doing ya thing!….Also shout out to the Will & Von show.

    • Thanks Kashad means a lot Def trying to accomplish the Dream!!! Thank you for the Constant support!!! #SouthCobb #2004

  3. Awesome station guys! Love the music, Love the hosts, Love what you all are accomplishing. Keep it up! TEAM WORK makes the DREAM WORK! #Inspiration #OneLove

  4. I love it! A place where I can still hear up to date music that sounds good and i can let my kids listen. No craziness! I love it. How refreshing!

  5. I am soooo proud of you JAMEL the Maestro!!!! Good music… leads to good time… oh and ma is loving this music!!!! Keep going. I pray continued success for you…. The sky is limitless.

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